A light-driven standstill

„The Experimental Procedures“ lecture course at Linz Art University was an inspiration for the investigation of the dynamic relationship between movement and standstill. The video installation is using chronophotographies by Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904), a pioneer of photo technology.

Muybridge is considered one of the most important practitioners of an early form of chronophotography, in which he used high-speed exposures to analyze sequences of movements. When these still photographs – that minimally differ from one another – are displayed in rapid-fire succession, the persistence of vision phenomenon creates the illusion of motion. This is the essence of motion pictures.

In the installation, chronophotographs by Muybridge are superimposed at the correct linear spacing so that the entire sequence of movements is visible all at once. Using only a beamer to project light onto the photographs creates an animation effect, whereby the movement is fluid and, at the same time, can be viewed statically.

running guy


2017 Exhibited @ Tadaex, IRAN Tehran
2017 Exhibited @ Time Out .07, Ars Electronica Center, AT Linz
2015 – 2016 Exhibited @ Kinomagie, Metro Kinokulturhaus, AT Vienna



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