Leinwand – an interactive installation

Leinwand is an interactive video installation that allows the viewer to immerse in the symbiosis of the digital and analog world.

It consists of a canvas and spray paint. The viewer is encouraged to spray color onto the canvas, which is then tracked by the software and projected onto. Thus, the expectation of having sprayed merely static color is not met – instead, a video is projected onto each color.
Different colors are represented by different animations, patterns, and videos. For example, blue color is replaced by the sky with clouds and birds passing by.


The installation causes curiosity in the viewer, who is able to paint different colors on top of each other, allowing the entire scene to be shown, or even be erased afterwards.

The concept has a constructivist approach – it is about using technology responsibly rather than delegating responsibility. What matters is what we do with the world, not what it does to us. Paint your world, by deciding how you inform yourself, you decide what you see and what has less priority in your life.


Created with Sarah Howorka. Exhibited at Schmiede Werkschau in september 2014 in Hallein, Salzburg, Austria.


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